March 26, 2019

OH6V Remote-station interview

Our home station is built with capable to possible remote-use.
Setup is quite simple. FT450 as radio is good for remote use. The radio has a built-in CAT-adapter and HamRadioDeluxe is very capable of controlling the rig.

Between radio and computer we have a home-made audio-interface with galvanic isolation and pots to control line audio volumes. The computer we use to control the radio, has a "real com-port" D9-serial port, for CAT control theres a straight D9-cable between radio and pc.

For controlling radio and monitoring meters, ALC-levels etc. we use HamRadioDeluxe. Other softwares in use are WSJT-X, JT-alert etc. For remote desktop-access we use Teamviewer, very good because there is clients for every device (android tablets/phones, linux, mac, windows etc..). PC hooked to 100Mbps low-latency fiber-connection.

Behind radio there is a <56MHz low pass filter and LDG AT-200ProII ATU in full-automatic mode (RF tune).

Antenna is our home-made "allbander", 42m Inverted-L wire. 10m vertical and 32m horisontal, fed with 1:9 UNUN and RF Air-wound choke.

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